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About The Pillow Market Place

Amy Montgomery opened The Collected Nest in 2015 inside Nashville’s Gas Lamp Too Antique & Decorating Mall.  She began with hand painted vintage furniture.  Amy has always had a love of taking things not at their best and making them work and work well! As The Collected Nest space took shape over the first few months, she added wonderful estate sale finds to accessorize her furniture such as lamps given new life with fresh shades, artwork, mirrors, and vintage silver.  What was missing? Pillows!  Amy hired a friend who was a professional pattern maker with years of sewing experience to experiment with a few pillows.  Once these test pillows were made and on the shelves, the pillows usually didn’t last more than a couple of weeks.  Amy set out on a reconnaissance mission to see what pillows were offered in Nashville beyond what an interior designer could whip up for you at a higher cost.  There was always an abundance of pillows at the chain stores varying from the lowest quality to some decent quality designs.  As she shopped higher end boutiques she encountered those high-end designer pillows that topped $250 each.  Amy desired to give her customers a very well constructed pillow with that same designer fabric filled with a fabulous form.  The Collected Nest Pillow Marketplace was born.  A new space was opened next to The Collected Nest Furniture Finds to sell the pillow collection.   It was and is still today, filled to the brim with nothing but pillows.  Amy designs & cuts the pillows and they are manufactured by a commercial sewing room right here in Nashville.  The pillow forms, zippers, and thread are all sourced in Georgia with fabrics purchased from North Carolina and Nashville.  Amy chose to sell out of the hand painted furniture and continue with a much larger selection of pillows.  The pillows are now found at three locations; Gas Lamp Too, Gas Lamp Antiques and TWO For Home in West Meade.

Our Pillow Forms:
Most high-end pillows are filled with a down insert.  While down can be a perfectly wonderful filler for a form, down does tend to start “sprouting feathers” as time passes.  A great concern for many customers are allergies to down products.  The Collected Nest uses high quality faux down known as “synthetic down” or “micro denier”.  Our forms have the look and feel of a pure down pillow that is hypoallergenic and cruelty free along with being odorless, lint free and dust free.  Micro denier offers the ultimate in softness that will last for years.  The form’s shell is made of a polyester-cotton.  The forms are proudly made in Palmetto, Georgia USA from American fibers and an 
American made shell.

How to Launder the Pillow Insert (Form)
The pillow form itself, not the pillow cover, may be washed at home. You may machine wash in cold water (do not use fabric softener).  Machine dry on low and add a tennis ball to the drying cycle for extra fluffiness.  Then fluff as needed to reinsert into pillow cover.  Fold the insert in half and release into cover pulling each corner of the form squarely in to the cover.  Zip and give one final fluff…punch it around!

How To Clean Covers:

As you unzip your pillow you will note that sewn inside of the zipper is our Made in USA tag with instructions to…Dry Clean Only.  The best plan is to hope that accidents don’t happen.  Designer fabric has what is called a “finish”.  Dry cleaning tends to take this finish off leaving a dull complexion.  Spot cleaning with water and a white cloth is your best bet, but if disaster happens…Dry Clean Only.

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